Hall Staff Bios


 Community Advisors (CAs) play a huge role in assisting students with their adjustment to life at Colby.  Their aim in the residence halls is to build cohesive communities where students feel safe and included.  CAs are available for students who need a person to go to about any issue they may be having, whether it be in their personal or academic lives, and are able to direct students to the appropriate services around campus.

Below is a list of the Colby CAs and where they are placed for the upcoming year!  The number of CAs per residence hall is a reflection of the number of students who live in each hall.

            Alfond CA's
pat adams

Patrick Adams (ARD)- Alfond 142

Hi! My name is Pat Adams and I'm a senior Environmental Studies major with a passion for the outdoors and social justice. I'm a captain of Men's Crew and a leader of the Bridge. I love meeting new people and I have never had a nightmare.

Holly Hawn

Holly Mawn(ARD)-Alfond 231

Hey friends! I'm a senior this year (woah) and a psych major/education minor. I'm from Milton, MA, where I live on Milton Street and have a dog named Milton and a cat named Miltonious (ok, the pets are a joke). On campus, you can find me in Alfond Apartment 231 where I will most likely be either cooking or watching a Disney movie.

        AMS CAS
peter Quayle

Peter Quayle-Anthony 382

Hi my name is Peter , I am from Lincoln Massachusetts and play on the men's soccer team. I

ski, surf, whitewater kayak, and and try to spend as much time outside

as I can. I spent this past summer leading wilderness trips in Maine,

and I dabble in House music.

Melanie Brown 22

Melanie Brown-Schupf 252

Hi hi hi!  My name is Melanie and I'm a senior Psych and English major from Denver, Colorado.  My favorite things are avocados, the Colbyettes, Colorado, mountains, David Sedaris, Modern Family, prunes, the American Dream, and living in Schupf.  I love all members of my hall staff family, except for Jason Ottomano, who has nothing better to do than brush his teeth and once told me I looked like a whale.

chelsea Tyler

Chelsea Tyler (ARD)--Anthony 290

Colby has always been my backyard. I was born and raised about a mile from campus. GO MAINE-IACS!

Horseback riding is one of my favorite activities.

English is my major, Cinema Studies is my minor.

La langue française is awesome. After studying in Paris, I've become a total Francophile. Feel free to speak French or eat crêpes with me anytime!

Singing and dancing are two things I do on a daily basis.

Eating is one of my greatest talents. I LOVE food. All food. Except black licorice.

ARD is my new title for the next year and I'm SO EXCITED to take on this job and help make Colby's community even better than it already is!

Jade Enright

Jade Enright -Mitchel 122

Hi! My name is Jade Enright and I am a sophomore from Park City, Utah.

I like to bake, have a secret passion for country music and am in love

with Joey Tribbiani. I enjoy eating pints of ben and jerry's, powder

skiing and flanking for the Colby Women's Rugby team. I have a

horrible singing voice but love to share it anyway so get ready as I

      Averill CAs
adam sp

Adam Spiere--Averill 215

A native of Bedford, NH

Dabbles in cricket/mealworm breeding

Aqua Mule

Majors in Cell and Molecular Biology/Biochemistry


Swim Team...Breaststroke lane is the best-stroke lane!

Petting Zoo

Initiator of SWOLE dialogue house

Esteemed member of Farmham Writers' Center

Researching chemotherapeutics in Millard lab


Reeks of havoc


kate connolly

Kate Connolly- Averill 305

Hi! my name is Kate Connolly and I am going to be a junior this fall! So excited!!! I am from Needham, Ma which is exactly 20 minutes outside of boston! fun. At Colby I am a history major, geology minor and I run three seasons, xc, indoor and outdoor track. So basically i like to run in circles, read books, and dig in the dirt. I am a CA in Averill next year, SWOLE dorm!!! its going to be great I can't wait to get started! Can't wait to meet you all!!

Sarah Leathe

Sarah Leathe-Averill 105

My name is Sarah Leathe, and I'm in Colby's class of 2015.  I'm from Eliot, Maine, and I'm a Neuroscience major with a minor in Creative Writing.  I like yoga, tide pools, and brushing my teeth.

    Coburn CAs

Hello friends, how are you today?                                       Keith  Chernin- Coburn 151

My name is Keith, and I'm a new CA

From Brookline Mass, I come with a smile

Feel free to say hi every once in a while

My passion is soccer, and I'm a Colby Mentor

If you have any questions, just knock on my door!



Bridget  Oslen--Coburn 251

Hi everyone!!! My name is Bridget Olsen. I'm a sophomore from Eliot, Maine. I love to ice skate and sing, and most of all I love Colby! I am on a pre-med tract with a major in Global Studies. I like to go into a career in public health.


Emily                                                                                                  Emily Harper - Coburn 351                 

My name is Emily Harper and I hail from the lovely Tacoma, Washington (Tacoma, near Seattle, not D.C.) I'm am SO SO excited to be the CA for third floor Cohburn next year. I'm a Japanese and English double major with a possible WGSS minor. I run three seasons on the Colby cross country and track teams. I also have some crazy obsessions including, but not limited to: folk music, the Fleet Foxes, trail running, Japan, rock climbing, any song off Broadway, Louise Gluck poetry, the show New Girl, flashmobs in Pulver, and Apples to Apples. I also love baking so feel free to stop by for some delicious treats and kooky conversation anytime this year!

Julie MC

Julie Maclean-- Coburn 44

Hi there beauteous people of Colby College, I'm Julie MacLean. Some of you may know me as that awkward girl who dances like a raptor during Megs concerts. Others may know me as Powder and Wig theater geek #16.But for those of you who don't know me as anything besides random Colby student, I am a sophomore, hailing from the bustling metropolis of Bolton, MA, where we have to drive 20 minutes out of town to come across anything besides cows and an overwhelming number of apple orchards. I'll be living on the ground floor of Coburn this semester so stop by any time and I'll be happy to prove to you that it is not, in fact, impossible to lick your own elbow!

        Dana CAs
Sydney k

Sydney Graetz --Dana 134

Hello future residents and friends! My name is Sydney Graetz and I'm ajunior with an English Major and an Education Minor. I love baking, hiking, practical jokes, eating food, playing broomball and all kinds of other activities that we can bond over. I can't wait to meet you all!

Amanda OMA

Amanda O'Malley--Dana 233

My name is Amanda O'Malley and I am a junior from Lincoln, Massachusetts.  I am majoring in Global Studies and East Asian Studies. I really enjoy outdoors activities, red meat, painting, eBay, skeet shooting, and a recent pastime of mine has been learning how to solve the Rubiks cube under two minutes. I'm excited for this year....and Dana is the best dorm...hands down.


                                                                                   Carrick  Gambell--Dana 320

Bio: Yo, Colby! My name's Carrick Gambell, and I will be the CA for those lucky enough to live on the third floor of the Dana Residence hall. I  am a sophomore, and hail from "the Jewel of the Maine coast" a.k.a Camden, ME. Things I enjoy: tossin' discs, lounging out on the quad, reading the Economist to make myself look smart, skiing, the Waffle bar in Dana, not complaining about how cold it is outside, etc. I'm excited to meet you all, and ready for another great year on the hill!


Nick Rimsa

Nick Rimsa (ARD)-- Dana 215

I'm Nick, and I'mthrilled to be one of the ARDs for this year. I will be a senior, live in Dana,and study economics and psychology. More about me? I'm from the smallesttown in Connecticut, I currently work in NYC, my first car was a '93 Cadillac, my favorite TV show is TheWire,I play basketball for Colby, I hate going to the dentist, I cook deliciousbreakfasts, and my favorite book is TheGreat Gatsby

            Drummond CAs

Lucas Martin- Drummond 201

Hi!  My name is Luke Martin and I am a junior music and English major from Cape Cod.  I'm excited for the New Year and having what will be the best dorm evah.  Little bit about me, I play tennis, guitar, like sponge bob, long walks on the beach at sunset, have blond hair and blue eyes, and am a whopping 5 foot 6 inches... anyway, pumped for this year!

    East CAs

 Lauren  Colwell --East 333

Hey everyone! I’m Lauren Colwell, the CA of OASIS. If youhave any questions, please find me on the third floor of East Quad. When I amnot bandaging up injuries as an EMT or singing my heart out in chorus, you canprobably find me in the pottery studio. My game plan is to be a doctor, hasbeen since I was little when my dog chewed my Barbie doll up. Luckily, shesurvived with my toilet paper bandages. I am always looking to lend a hand or ahug, so please don’t wait if you need some help. This year is going to be agreat one!


                                                                                               Kali Stevens--East 135

Hello!  My name is Kali Stevens, and I’m so excited to be the first floor East Quad CAthis year!  I am a sophomore from thesmall town of New London, New Hampshire, and I’m interested in studyingBiochemistry.  I spent this summerworking in a daycare and volunteering in my town’s Emergency Department.  In my free time, I enjoy spending timeoutdoors, playing soccer, and pretending to be a chef.  I can’t wait to get to know all of the East Quadresidents this fall!



Katia Licea--East 233

Hello lovely residents,

My name is Katia Licea. I am from California, but was bornin Mexico. I am one of eight brothers and sisters and the first one to go tocollege of my family. Here at Colby I am starting my junior year and will onlybe on campus for the fall semester as I am going abroad to SPAIN!  However, I am so excited to get to knowmy new residents!!! This is my second year as a CA, last year I was the CA inPiper.

I am a double major in Women, Gender and Sexuality and Spanish. I love the Spanish language and you will often here music in Spanish playing form my room. I also love to do arts and crafts so expect to do funactivities for our dorm events! I am also part of SOBHU, CCAK and the PUGHScholars. I love being in the Pugh and when I am not in the dorm you can findme there.I hope everyone had an amazing summer and get ready to have an event better semester!


                  Foss CAs

Jonathan Kalin--Foss 236

"Hey titans of Colby, my name is Jonathan Kalin (高桌森), I'll be stationed in the Foss (aka Boss) dormitory. I really love Japanese candy, although Korean music (K-Pop) is definitely my favorite, all that being said, I speak Chinese. I'm really infatuated with moustaches in any form (t-shirts, necklaces, on stuffed animals), they really make an impression. Most importantly, I have two dogs, Eva and Bubbles, Eva is a white, fluffy American Eskimo who gets excited if a leaf falls and Bubbles is a stocky, 8-pound Dachshund, but walks around with the confidence of a full-grown lion."


Emily Brook-- Foss 301

My name is Emily Brook and I will be graduating in 2015. I am a member of the Women's Soccer team but I enjoy all iPlay sports... especially broomball! My favorite thing to do on campus is to relax and have lunch at Johnson pond and my favorite thing about Colby is the all the professors, staff, and students that create such a great environment.



Gabby Wyatt--Foss 341

Hello Foss! My name is Gabriela Wyatt and I am a history major with a minor in math and I will be the ARD in Foss this year which basically means I love Colby and Hall Staff way too much! I hail from Princeton, New Jersey and my hobbies range from reading, to hiking, to cooking. I spent this past summer doing an Arabic immersion program at the University of Wisconsin, so therefore I am PUMPED to return to Colby (and English). Feel free to stop the Foss 3rd floor triple whenever you want, I can't wait to meet all of you!


                              Go-Ho CA

Kardelen Koldas--Go-Ho 208

Hi! I'm Kardelen andI'm in class of 2015. I'm from a far far away land, Turkey (I know it's not as far as Shrek's country, but still). I love travelling, and, because of this, I have a postcard collection!

                  Grossman CA

Stephen Webel--Grossman 202

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Horan, and I'm from Medfield, MA. I'll be a senior this year, and I can't believe I only have one more year left at Colby. Hopefully you'll fall in love with the school as much as I have! I'm a psychology major and an education minor, as well as a First Semester Away student (I did my first semester abroad freshmen year in Dijon, France), a Colby Cares About Kids mentor, and an Admissions tour guide. I love running, participating in Colby events, and enjoying relaxing afternoons by Johnson Pond or on the quad in front of Miller. I'm living in Foss this year as one of the ARDs. Feel free to stop by whenever, and we can go eat a delicious meal downstairs in the best dining hall on campus! Can't wait to get to know you all!

                      Heights CAs

Celeste Lattanzi-- Heights 205

Hi! My name is Celeste Lattanzi and I’m a Junior majoringin Education. I’m originally from California, but I love going to college inMaine and skiing, sledding, and frolicking in the snow in the winter. Whenit's not freezing out I love to run, cook, play soccer, and watch Disneymovies. Looking forward to meeting all of you next year!



Madeline Wilson--Heights 305

Hi! I'm Maddy Wilson and I'm a junior and I'm so excited to have blast this year in Heights!! I'm a Global Studies/Science, Technology and Society double major from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Even though I live near the Big Apple, I'm a huge Red Sox/Patriots fan, because I grew up just outside of Boston! I'm a member of the Colby Women's Crew team, and a student adviser for the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement. In my spare time I love to read, run, spend time outside and watch movies with friends. I also love baking, so get ready for delicious treats this year! I love cold weather, so I'm really looking forward to tons of snow (hopefully!), especially coming off such a hot summer in the NYC area. Come up to the third floor and say hi, my door is always open!!


Jack Cohen - Heights 108A

Hi there! My name is Jack Cohen and I am part of the Class of 2015. I'm from Lexington, Massachusetts. Some of my interests are photography, tennis, and surfing. Besides, who can resist the frigid waters of Higgins Beach?



                            Johnson CAs

Larissa  Lee -- Johnson 206

My name is Larissa, and I am a senior with two majors: Environmental Studies: Policy Concentration and Global Studies. I grew up in the Garden State, but now my home is in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I love to hike all summer long, knit through cold Maine winters, and spend lots of time outside when the sun comes out. Maine blueberries are my favorite.


       Justin  Luitan--Johnson 312

Hi! I'm Justin Lutian, a sophomore from a few degrees north of the equator and literally the other side of the world (the Philippines and Singapore, to be exact). Aside from being the CA on the third floor of Johnson, I am also a tutor at the Farnham Writers' Center, a CCAK mentor, a member of the Colby College Chorale, and a proud Megalomaniac. I love Paradise Lost, gossip, Asian food, weird words, Disney, sarcasm, Modern Family, early mornings, Downton Abbey, and singing (especially all those songs dripping with '80s/'90s nostalgia).So, when you want to chat with fake British accents, unabashedly belt out Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All," and/or hunt for a proper Indian restaurant in Maine, I'm your man.


   Leonard CA

  Abby Sill -- Leonard 208

Hello! I'm Abby, a rising sophomore from Minnetonka, Minnesota. I'm planning on being a Global Studies major with a potential minor in administrative science. I'm super pumped about the 2012-13 school year and can't wait to go to aerobics classes, visit my CCAK girl, hike Katahdin, ski Sugarloaf, play broomball, sip SPA coffee, and be a CA. There is so much to look forward to!


Mariner CA

                                         Jason Ottomanso--Marriner 308

Hey everyone and welcome to Colby!

My name is Jason Ottomano. Here on the Hill I play tennis for the Mules, and have been described by those who know me as "mediocre at best." If you hear Brad Paisley or Rascal Flatts bumpin' down the halls, chances are it's coming from my room. I love all members of my hall staff family, except Melanie Brown, who has an unsettling aversion to dental hygiene, and a general lack of appreciation for the beauty of the gentle giants of the deep.

Marylow CAs