Room Draw Forms & Information

Room Draw Forms

Special Interest Housing Application
Complete this form if you are interested in living in Alfond, Quiet, Substance-Free, Mary Low Co-op, Dialogue Housing, or Off Campus.

Alfond Apartment Application
Students requesting Alfond must complete both the Special Interest Housing Application and the Alfond Apartment Application.

Accommodation Housing Application
Complete this form if you require special housing accommodations.

Room Draw Proxy Form
Complete this form only if you cannot attend Room Draw at your designated time.


Housing Wait List Form

Complete this form if you would like to be placed on the wait list for summer 2013.

Housing Selection


The following Room Draw Information Sessions have been scheduled in LoPo:

Wednesday, February 20th 6pm
Thursday, February 21st 12:30pm
Friday, February 22nd 2pm
Monday, February 25th 6pm
Tuesday, February 26th 6pm
Tuesday, March 5th 12:30pm and 4pm

If you are unable to attend an information sessions, click HERE for information session notes.


Room Draw numbers are computer generated and randomly assigned based on class year, starting with #1 and finishing with approximately 1,500.  Each student that is planning to be on campus during fall of the following academic year will receive a lottery number.  The purpose of Room Draw is to provide an equitable room selection procedure.  Lottery numbers are non-transferable, and rooms, roommates, and potential room changes cannot be bartered.

Special Interest Housing

In order to qualify for entry to the Special Interest Housing lottery, you must complete the Special Interest Housing Form and all related agreements and/or applications.  Special Interest Housing includes: Alfond Senior Apartments, Off-Campus Housing, Substance-Free Housing, Quiet Housing, Mary Low Co-op, and Dialogue Housing.  

Please visit the Special Interest Housing tab for more information.

If You Cannot Attend Room Draw

If you will not be available to attend your designated Room Draw session for any reason, please complete the Room Draw Proxy Form.  Please appoint a proxy to make your selection, and be sure that your proxy is aware of your Room Draw time and location.  Equip your proxy with a prioritized list of the rooms you hope to select.  If you cannot find a proxy to take your place, you may register for a proxy from within the Office of Campus Life to represent your selection during Room Draw.

Off-Campus Study

All students who are studying away from Colby during the fall semester for their first year, with plans to initiate study at Colby during JanPlan or spring semester, must complete the First-Year Residential Preference Form.

For those students who are studying abroad or away from Colby during the fall semester, you will be removed from the Room Draw lottery system upon receiving approval from the Office of Off-Campus Study.  You may want to begin thinking about who you will want to live with during your spring semester back at Colby, to ease that transition. 

For those students studying away during their spring semester, you will need to complete the Room Draw Proxy Form prior to the Room Draw lottery.

For doubles, triples, and larger rooms:  If you have a friend who will need to replace a roommate who will be here in the fall term but not spring, please have that person contact the Office of Campus Life and confirm their invitation to move in upon their return.  Rooms that become completely vacant for the spring term can only be reassigned by the Office of Campus Life.

Living With Mixed Class Years

The student in the higher class year should pick the room at his/her designated Room Draw time, regardless of the other student's lottery number.

Student Account Balance

In order to participate in Room Draw, all financial obligations to Colby College must be accounted for.  You may check your student account and your miscellaneous fines balance from the Student Financial Services web page.  You may also call SFS at Ext. 4132 to see if you have any outstanding financial aid paperwork for the current academic year. 

Sophomores and the Waiting List

Because of allowances for summer attrition, rooms in the residence halls will be exhausted before all sophomores are placed.  Sophomores on the waiting list will be advised of their options regarding summer placement.  The sophomore waiting list will begin with those students who were unable to draw rooms because no more rooms were available.  

Next on the waiting list will be student "no shows," or students who failed to be present during the Room Draw selection process.  If a student is not present when his/her name is called, they will be granted ten minutes to show up to claim a room.  The Room Draw process will continue during this time.  After ten minutes have passed, the student who failed to show will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list, below sophomores who were closed out of rooms, regardless of class year.

SGA & Hall Staff

The results of the SGA elections and Hall Staff selection will be announced prior to Room Draw.  If you are selected to SGA, you will choose your room prior to the first Room Draw within your class year.  You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your class year room draw.

Room Changes

Once a student has chosen a room assignment and leaves the selection site, he/she may not request a room change until October 15th the following year.  Students, and their roommates, involved in an unauthorized room change will be fined $200 each and asked to move back to their original room.  Any students interested in a room change should make an appointment with the Office of Campus Life.


Students who withdraw from the College after participating in Room Draw will have their rooms reassigned by the Office of Campus Life.  If an appropriate incoming roommate cannot be found, the College reserves the right to consolidate students based on housing needs.

Board Plan

All students at Colby College are required to subscribe to a full meal plan, with the following exceptions:  students living in the Mary Low Co-op (who have no meal plan), students living off campus (100 meals per semester program), and students living in the Alfond Apartments (100 meals per semester program).

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions regarding the Room Draw process please contact the Office of Campus Life at Ext. 4280 or by email at