Trunk Room Policy

There are trunk rooms in every residence hall, that can be used for summer storage.  

1.  They are used on a first come first serve bases.

2.  Students must have belongings in closed boxes or bags.

3.  The following items are not permitted in trunk rooms:  furniture, carpets, electronics and opened boxes or bags

4.  Each item must have a completed trunk room label on it.  These labels can be obtained from the Office of Campus Life or your CA.

5.  Students must schedule an appointment with the CA to gain access to the trunk room.  Security will not let you into a trunk room.

-You should have all of your belongings outside the trunk room at the time of your appointment.


**Summer 2013-Piper and Drummond trunk rooms will be off-line due to renovations to those buildings.  If you currently live there, please plan to use a trunk room in another building.