Fringe Benefit and Indirect Cost Rates

Almost all federal grants and some foundation and government grants allow payment of fringe benefits or indirect costs.  Colby's federally negotiated rates are as follows:

  • Fringe benefits       
  • 31.9% of salaries for faculty and staff year round       
  • 7.65% of salaries for students in the summer       
  • 0%  for students during the academic year
  • Indirect Costs       
  • 53.0% of salary for all salaries, faculty, staff, and students
Note: The faculty benefit rate is reduced by 8% on compensation over-and-above the base salary (which is almost always on summer research salaries).  Thus, in this case,  the rate would be 23.9%.

If you have questions about when to apply these rates in preparing a proposal, call Seven Grenier (x4341) or Scott Smith (x4123).