Whether you are looking to connect with your religious or spiritual tradition, to learn about traditions or perspectives other than your own, or to find a hospitable place for community and conversation, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is here for you.

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Colby is home to a wide (and growing) array of student-centered religious communities, and opportunities for connection to the local community abound. All of our gatherings are open to all; doubts, and convictions are all welcome.



Colby’s robust multi-faith programs offer an opportunity to build community across religious lines and engage energetically with difference. Atheists, agnostics, seekers, and members of the worlds religious traditions gather, often, to eat, converse, and work together.

Pastoral Care and Conversation

Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life Kurt Nelson and campus chaplains Rabbi Rachel Isaacs and Fr. Jack Dickinson are available for conversation and pastoral care for all members of the Colby community.