Producing Your Own Publication

If you are planning a publication and you are not sure if the Office of Communications will handle your job, please contact us at or ext. 4350 for more information.

Lead Time
Please plan on enough lead time to accommodate content development, design, approval of proofs, printing, and shipping your publication. Most outside vendors require a minimum of 10 working days to design and print a publication, and  that is a reasonable estimate for simpler pieces designed in house or by a vendor. The more complicated the job, though, the more time Communications or a contracted designer will need.

The companies on our list of vendors have been used by our office. (Note: design firms such as Grafico do not offer in-house printing, but for an additional cost they will see your job through the production and printing stages.)

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If we are unable to produce your project, there are several ways to find someone who can assist you.

On-campus Resources
Students: Student workers who are interested in designing projects are a good resource.
Software: The ITS software library has some publishing programs that will help you design your project.
Desktop Programs: Programs such as Microsoft Word and AppleWorks are adequate for simple design pieces such as brochures.

Off-campus Resources
If you are unable to find campus resources for design help, there are several firms in the Waterville area that offer publication services, from full-scale design and production to basic photocopying. Click here for a list of area vendors.