Dr. Turk's Bio

Dr. Turkoglu received her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Vemont. After graduate school, she completed a Professional Psychology Internship at the Togus Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Augusta, ME, followed by postdoctoral training in Health Psychology at the Connecticut VA Medical Center in West Haven, CT and Yale University’s School of Medicine. She is licensed as a psychologist in Maine. Dr. Turkoglu who goes by Dr. Turk for convenience, identifies primarily as a scientist-practitioner. She utilizes scientific knowledge to inform her practice and makes sure her practice evolves along with advances in the scientific study of clinical psychology. Dr. Turk works mainly from a cognitive behavioral framework of therapy for a wide range of psychological issues. She works mostly with thoughts and behaviors, and believes that our emotions can be manipulated only through manipulation of our interpretations of ourselves, others and the world, as well as changes in our behaviors. Her main goal in therapy is increasing functionality that is in line with one’s values and aspirations. Dr. Turk’s specialty is clinical health psychology; she has extensive experience in working on health related behaviors (e.g. sleep, smoking cessation, pain management, motivation, etc.) She also has a strong background in providing evidence-based treatments for anxiety (e.g. panic, trauma, phobias) and depression. While most of her time is spent in individual therapy, she also enjoys providing treatment in groups for its efficiency.
In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading and entertaining.