Make an Appointment

To book your own appointment with a counselor, please go to the myColby portal, select the "Counseling Services" tab.  You will see a list of appointments, click on one that has "Reserve It".  ,

* Appointments will be made available for a week in advance. New appointments are added every day, and cancelations are made available as they occur, so check back frequently. If you do not see any appointment times that work for your schedule within a week, it's okay to email a counselor directly about possible alternative times.

* Please notify us as soon as you know you need to miss an appointment - either by canceling online (click on View My Appointment under the Counseling Services tab on the myColby portal) or by sending your counselor an email to that effect. This will enable us to make the time available to another student.

* If the situation is URGENT, send an e-mail to: including your cell phone number and available meeting times. A counselor will contact you within 24 hours.

* If this is an EMERGENCY, do not rely on email - go directly to the Health Center and ask for the Counselor on Call, or if the Health Center is closed, call Security at 207-859-5911 and ask for the Counselor on Call. If the school is not in session, call 911.


U Life Line This link provides online information to assist you in learning about an issue, in making a decision, and in understanding the options available.