Q. Do I need a physical evaluation prior to COOT?
A. Yes, you need a physical evaluation prior to attendance at Colby College. It needs to have taken place within one year of your arrival at Colby. For varsity athletes, within six months. Please contact the Colby Health Center with any questions or concerns at: (207) 859-4460. The Health and Immunization Forms can be found on the website at: http://www.colby.edu/administration_cs/healthservices/other.cfm. The deadline for submission of these forms is July 30th.

Q. Do you carry Epinephrine (Epi-pens)?

A. We do not carry Epi-pens on all COOT trips. Trips that travel to remote areas are equipped with an emergency supply of Epinephrine. Trips that do not travel to remote areas (such as surfing and cooking COOT trips) do not carry Epinephrine. If you have a known history of Anaphylaxis you are required to bring TWO emergency doses of Epinephrine on your COOT trip (two Epi-pens or one 'Twinject' Epi-pen). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Outdoor Education, 207.859.4284

Q. When can I register for COOT?
A. You can register for your COOT trip beginning in May of 2013, but you must submit all required paperwork to the Health Center prior to registration. Please keep in mind that trips fill quickly so it is best to register sooner rather than later. July 30th is the deadline for COOT registration.

Q. Do I have to go on a COOT trip?
A. The COOT trip is an integral part of the Colby Orientation Program and all students participate. If an injury or illness prevents participation on your assigned trip, please contact COOT at coot@colby.edu as soon as possible. In most cases, we will be able to place you on a less strenuous trip so that you may still have a COOT experience.

Q. When will I know what trip I have been placed on?
A. You will be notified of your trip placement in early August.

Q. What happens if I don’t get the COOT trip I wanted?
A. Please keep in mind that while trips are not necessarily assigned in the order received, earlier registrations do have a better chance of being assigned to their top selections. Many factors influence trip assignments such as relevant experience and preparedness as well as the availability of seats (to keep groups intimate in size and to minimize impact on natural resources all trips have a seat limit, some smaller than others). It is important to bear in mind that you may not receive your top choice trip(s). Rest assured, all COOT trips are designed to be engaging and we will work our hardest to place you on a trip that seems well suited to your interests and needs even if it is not one of your top choices.

Q. What do I bring on my COOT trip?
A. A trip-specific packing list will be sent with your trip placement confirmation letter. If you have any questions or concerns about the packing list upon receipt, please do not hesitate to contact COOT at coot@colby.edu.

Students are responsible for providing the equipment and personal gear indicated on the trip-specific packing list. Colby College maintains a limited inventory of equipment and personal gear for lending on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think you will need to borrow equipment or personal gear for your trip.

Q. What day do we leave for COOT? When do we return to campus?
A. The COOT trip takes place within the larger context of the Class of 2017 Orientation. Orientation begins on Tuesday, August 27th. COOT trips depart on Friday, 8/30 and return to campus on Sunday, 9/1.

Q. If I sign up for a water-based trip, do I need to know how to swim?
A. The Office of Campus Life insists that you have the ability to swim if you participate in any of the water-based COOT trips. The COOT program requires that personal flotation devices be worn at all times while paddling on the waters of the state of Maine.

Q. Do I need to send a separate payment for COOT?
A. No. The fee for COOT is $275.00 and will be charged to your student account. Financial aid is available. Please contact Student Financial Services for additional information.

Q. I have special dietary needs. Can they be accommodated?
A. We try to provide a variety of food options for COOT trips. However, if you have allergies or specific dietary restrictions this should be indicated on your COOT registration form.

Q. What if I am on medication?
A. Please list all medications, including inhalers, on your COOT registration form. If you have a prescription for something that is not listed on your COOT registration form, please bring a note from your doctor with you to campus.

Q. How are COOT Leaders trained?
A. Our leaders undergo a competitive selection process and must successfully complete all training requirements to be considered an outdoor orientation leader. Training components include, but are not limited to:

  • Wilderness First Aid and CPR
  • Leave No Trace Wilderness Ethics
  • Map & Compass
  • Adventure Leadership & Facilitation Skills
  • Accepted Field Practices & Risk Management Techniques

In addition, canoe trip leaders participate in an additional two-day canoe instructor clinic.

Q. When do I meet my COOT leaders?
A. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with your COOT leaders throughout the course of the Class of 2017 Orientation program—as well as the entire orientation team comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, community members and a wide range of student leaders.

Q. Can I bring my cell phone, MP3 player, or similar electronics on the trip?
A. All electronics--with the exception of digital cameras--are to remain on campus for the duration of the trip. Additionally, any other personal items of substantial value that have the potential to get destroyed or lost in the wilderness or present an opportunity for theft if left in college vehicles should remain on campus.