EEO Faculty Search Data

2010-2011 Faculty Searches

The electronic EEO survey for 2010-2011 had 1483 responses - approximately a 60% response rate. The summary results are posted here.

2009-2010 Faculty Searches

The electronic EEO survey continued in 2009-2010 with 1264 responses for candidates.

The results are posted here.

2008-2009 Faculty Searches

During the 2008-2009  academic year, we replaced the postcard style EEO/AA response cards with an online version. The online version includes more information including where the candidate saw the ad for the position as well as the new Race/Ethnicity format as defined by IPEDS.

Therefore, there are two EEO/AA survey reports - one for FALL and one for SPRING.

As you review the data in the above files, it is important to note that not all academic departments solicited responses from applicants for the 2008-2009 searches. We have no demographic data for the applicant pools of two of the largest searches completed last year.