Harassment Advisory Group

 If you feel you have experienced any form of racial, sexual, or other harassment and would like to speak to someone with some knowledge and training in this area, you may call any of the following members of the Colby Harassment Advisory Group. (updated 11/2011)

Clayton Brown '13
Amanda Carbonneau '14
Stephanie LaRose '12
Ethan Meigs '13
Cale Wardell '13
Jamie Brewster '00
Associate Director, Admissions
x 4827
Heath Brockway
Carpenter, Physical Plant
x 5000
Cora Clukey
Director, Equal Employment Opportunity
x 4733
Daniel Cohen
Professor, Philosophy
x 4553
Betsy Danner
Assistant Director, Colby Fund
x 4328
Patti Newmen
Director, Counseling Services
x 4460
Tarja Raag
Associate Professor, Psychology
x 5558
Karen Wickman
Admin. Secretary, Museum of Art
x 5601
Jennifer Yoder
Professor, Gov. & Global Studies
x 5317