Search Committee Guide

Any questions about this process or forms used may be directed to the EEO Office at or ext. 4733.

Searches - A Step-by-Step Process

  1. Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines - All search committee members are expected to be familiar with these pre-employment inquiry guidelines.
  2. Search Plan - Search committee chairs are expected to fill out a search plan and submit it to either the Dean of Faculty (DOF) or Human Resources (HR), depending on the open position. The search plan must indicate how the search committee intends to recruit a diverse applicant pool. The search plan must be approved  before an ad is placed by HR, the Dean's office, or your department. Details regarding the search plan can be found by contacting either the Dean's Office or HR.
  3. EEO/AA Survey - HR, academic department secretaries, or designates email each applicant the EEO/AA online survey as applications are received (details to be sent to academic secretaries).
  4. Authorization to Work Questionnaire - In order to proactively identify a candidate who may need Colby's assistance filing paperwork to become authorized to work in the U.S., thisquestionnaire must be filled out by each faculty applicant that comes to campus (it is illegal to ask the questions of some people and not all who come to campus).

    Send the completed questionnaires to the EEO Office ( or box 4733)

  5. Ranking Sheets- Search committees are requested to use a ranking process for EEO matters as well as possible immigration paperwork. Sample sheets are provided. The exact forms do not need to be used but something similar to show a ranking process specific to yourdepartment’s needs is required by federal if the hired candidate requires employment authorization for foreign nationals.

    Upon completion of a search, please send the ranking sheet to the EEO Office ( or box 4733)

  6. Search Committee Summary Report - Search committees are required to complete the summary report for the annual EEO report.

    Upon completion of a search, please complete the summary report and send to the EEO Office ( or box 4733)