Wright Express Mastercard

Wright Express Mastercard

The College has an agreement with Wright Express Mastercard  to provide credit cards to faculty and staff who regularly incur reimbursable travel and entertainment expenses while on College business. Travelers who have been issued a Colby Mastercard  should use it for airfare, hotel, restaurant, rental car, or other travel and entertainment expenses. Travelers have the option to use any other personal credit card to pay for travel and entertainment expenses. If an employee chooses to use a different credit card, they should not also carry an Wright Express  Corporate Mastercard.   Please note that if another credit card is used, other than Mastercard, the College will not reimburse any fees associated with that card.


The Wright Express Corporate Mastercard is to be used for travel and entertainment expenses incurred in connection with official Colby business. The corporate card should not be used for personal expenses or the purchase of goods, services or other items not associated with business travel and entertainment. Departments wishing to purchase goods and services with a credit card should contact the Assistant Director of Administrative Financial Servicese at 859-4125.



Under the corporate Mastercard card program, individuals are responsible for payments to Wright Express or submit appropriate paperwork for a Colby check to be used as payment . Monthly billing statements from Wright Express are emailed immediately at the close of the month and also received by mail.


Travelers are expected to charge expenses for transportation, lodging, meals, etc. to their corporate cards. After the trip, travelers are reimbursed when a properly completed Travel and Entertainment Expense Voucher is submitted and processed by Accounts Payable. If the traveler’s expenses are settled immediately upon return to the Colby campus, there is generally ample time to receive reimbursement prior to the due date of the corporate card bill. The College will not reimburse late fees assessed as a result of late payment by the cardholder.



The College and Wright Express have the right to cancel any corporate card in accordance with the delinquency provisions of the contract or other credit card abuses. Employees must immediately return the corporate card to the College’s program administrator upon notice of cancellation.


Faculty and staff who are issued a corporate card are required to promptly notify and return the card to the Wright Express program administrator or a personnel officer of the College upon termination of employment or if it is deemed that the card is no longer needed.


If you would like an Wright  Express Corporate Master card for use of official college travel, please contact the Assistant Director of Administrative Financial Services x4125.