Student Financial Services

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Student Financial Services assists with the financial needs of enrolled students. Payment of charges on the College student bill, financial aid and related matters are key functions of this department. The Student Financial Services Office is located on the first floor of the Garrison-Foster building. If you have any questions regarding student financial matters, please feel free to call us at 1-800-723-4033, email or stop by the office.

News and Announcements

Jan Plan 2016 Trips

Planning for Off-Campus Jan Plan Trips is underway. All trips require a $500 non-refundable deposit due by October 15, 2015, or earlier if required by the trip leader. Student account balances must be paid in full before a Jan Plan Deposit will be considered as such. Final payment is due before December 1, 2015, when trip leaders will be notified of any unpaid balances. For financial information, including payment methods and how to notify SFS for which trip the deposit is intended, please click here. Details about trip offerings, including estimated costs if available, can be found on the Off Campus Study website by clicking here.

2015-2016 Financial Aid Application Deadline - Returning Students

The deadline to apply for 2015-16 Colby institutional financial aid is April 30, 2015. It is imperative all components of the application be received by that deadline in order to avoid jeopardizing financial aid eligibility. Students who do not apply for Colby institutional aid prior to admission will not be considered for College grant assistance for two award years, unless there has been a substantial change to family financial circumstances which was unexpected and unavoidable. A written explanation of the change(s) must be submitted with the application for consideration. This would not include changes which should have been anticipated such as an additional child enrolled in college, nor would it include discretionary choices related to employment. If applying for the first time, two years of income documentation should be submitted with the application.

For more specific information regarding the required documents, please click the appropriate link below.

U.S. Citizens or Eligible Non-Citizens - U.S Federal Aid/Colby Grant

Canadian Students

International Students

Federal Student Loan Request Form

Students interested in borrowing a federal student loan must submit the Federal Loan Request Form to document their decision to borrow. Please read about federal student loan borrowing and loan limits, before making any decisions to borrow. Remember, Federal (student) Stafford, and (parent) PLUS Loans will show "tentative" on the student account statement within 7 days of receiving a completed Loan Request Form. Federal grants and loans as well as institutional grant will be posted to the student's account no earlier than 10 business days before the first day of classes each semester.