Study Away Financial Information

Colby offers students many opportunities to study in a foreign country, either on one of Colby's own programs, in programs sponsored by a consortium of which Colby is a member, or on an approved non-Colby program.  Program information and application details are available from the Office of Off-Campus Study .

Billing Information

COLBY BILLED OFF-CAMPUS STUDY PROGRAMS for 2016-2017 include the following: Colby in Dijon, Colby in Salamanca, Colby in St. Petersburg, Colby at Bigelow Labs, and the Associated Kyoto Program (AKP). These programs are billed the same amount as Colby's on-campus Comprehensive Fee, and payment is due according to the normal billing schedule. Students are required to pay a $500 attendance deposit which is applied against the charges. That deposit is forfeited if students decide not to attend.



  • Program fees are billed by the host institution, and paid by the family, not Colby.
  • An Off-Campus Study Fee of $1,000 per semester will be charged by Colby and is due according to the College's normal billing schedule. The Dartmouth University dual degree program is not currently assessed this fee.
  • Since Colby does not bill for standard semester charges, families cannot utilize the Tuition Payment Plan for paying the semester away charges. Payments are made by the family directly to the host institution. If the student will be enrolled at Colby or on a Colby-billed program for one semester, the Tuition Payment Plan can be used for that period only (up to a 5-month payment plan).
Financial Aid Students
For Colby students who qualify, financial aid is available to study at either an approved Colby or approved non-Colby program for the fall or spring semester. To find detailed information regarding financial aid and study away, click here.


   2016-2017 Study Away Budget Statement and Agreement (budget form)
      Required of all financial aid applicants, even if the only aid is in the form of loans

   2016-2017 Disbursement of Aid Funds Form
      For students who prefer checks for student aid refunds be issued in a parent's name

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