Where are student account statements mailed?

Beginning with the class of 2009, Student Account Statements will be mailed to the student at the home (permanent) address. We realize that parents often make payment on behalf of their son or daughter and prefer to receive a Student Account Statement directly. Students may add a parent or a third party as a bill recipient by letting us know in writing. If parents are divorced, a student may add both parents. Students can also access their student account statement on the web and may email a statement to anyone with an email address.


Since financial information is confidential, Colby requires that the student grant permission for us to discuss account balance, payment or financial aid information with a parent. When a student requests that the College mail student account statements to a parent, we assume this also grants us permission to discuss financial information with that parent. Students requesting us to add a billing party, must make this request in writing, or email us from their Colby account [Colby user name and password]. Regardless of who receives the Student Account Statement, charges must be paid when due. Failure to receive a bill is not justification for making payment late or adjusting late fees.

Email Student Financial Services to add the name and mailing address of a billing party. (This can take up to 3 weeks to update.)