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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment maintains official facts and figures on Colby’s carbon emissions.


Emissions Statistics - in Metric Tonnes CO2

Understanding Emissions

A ton of *CO2e is emitted when you:
    » Travel 2,000 miles in an airplane
    » Drive 1,900 miles in a mid-sized car
    » Run an average U.S. household for 60 days
    » Have your computer on for 10,600 hours

Average *CO2e emissions per year:
    » 4.5 tons from the average U.S. car
    » 6.2 tons from electricity use in the average U.S. household
    » 21 tons from the average U.S. resident
    » 6 billion tons from the United States as a whole
    » More than 25 billion tons from the entire planet

* CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent): carbon dioxide and other molecules emitted into the air cause atmospheric warming. Each type of molecule has a different warming potential (e.g. methane has 21 times the warming effect of CO2). The combined warming effect of the different types of molecules is conveyed as carbon dioxide equivalents.

Source: Clean Air-Cool Planet, A Consumer's Guide to Retail Carbon Offset Providers.

Emissions in Baseline Year (1990)
Peak Emissions (2000)   29,424
Latest Year Emissions (2010)       

Statistic Baseline To Percent of Baseline
% change in emissions 1990 2000 29.23%
% change in emissions 2000 2010 -45.28%
% change in emissions 1990 2010 -29.28%

Emissions per Square Foot


% change in emissions 2002

Other Statistics
Emissions avoided by purchasing 100% green electricity to date:  over 35,000 MTCO2
Composting has increased 800% to over 100 tons per year

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