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Links to a wealth of information related to sustainability and conservation.
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2008 Colby College Oak Fellow Afsan Chowdhury taught a course titled Human Rights in Global Perspective. Students in the class completed three projects to raise awareness on the effects of climate change in Bangladesh. "Beyond the Classroom." (Video, 6 minutes)
In June 2009 insideColby's Tamer Hassan '11 checked out Colby's new, improved, enlarged organic garden on Runnals Hill. His five-minute video is titled Gardening, Part II. (Video, 5 minutes)
Commencement 2008 marked Colby’s first Green Graduation, complete with cups and utensils made from biodegradable materials and lots of other sustainability measures. To get the whole story, check out this Green Graduation video.
Colby has partnered with the community-based Sustain Mid-Maine to raise awareness locally about climate change and sustainability issues. InsideColby turned a camera on Colby students who spent the summer of 2009 as interns working on Sustain Mid-Maine initiatives. (Video, 5 minutes)
Colby students grow produce in the new organic garden on campus. Produce is harvested and brought to the campus dining halls. (Video, 5 minutes)
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