CER Rescue Packs:           

  • R1 and R2  Packs:
    These packs are carried by the on duty rescuers during their shift. They contain the majority of CER's equipment that is used on a typical call. These packs also contain basic supplies to begin resuscitation efforts. These packs are meant to be small and lightweight, as the rescuers must carry them for the entire shift.
  • The Green Pack:
    In each security truck, there is a green pack that contains Oxygen, a Bag Valve Mask, and assorted airway supplies. 
  • The Blue Pack:         
    In each security truck there is a blue pack that contains a trauma kit, cervical collars, an OB kit, and a burn kit. This pack is used during critical calls.
  • Additional Equipment:
    Each security truck has an AED and there is always a suction unit available in one of the two trucks.

CER Radios:                
Each on duty rescuer carries a Motorola HT1000 portable radio. These radios are simple yet effective. Their design offers reliability and durability even in extreme weather conditions. These radios can be paged by security, altering rescuers. A unique feature of these radios is that they can be silent until paged, at which time they resume normal 2-way radio functions. CER operates on the same frequency as Colby Security. 

CER Uniforms:
CER rescuers are dedicated to maintaining a professional appearance at all times. Aside from the rescue pack and radio carried by each rescuer on duty, the following clothing articles help to identify CER members: the CER Duty Shirts are navy blue T-shirts with "COLBY EMS" printed in white across the back, and the CER seal printed on the left chest. These shirts are always worn during a duty shift. CER Pullovers may be worn by Rescue Ones while on duty. These navy blue pullovers bear the CER seal on the left chest, the rescuer's name on the right chest, and the American Flag with "RESCUE-ONE" written below it on the right arm. CER Sweatshirts are navy blue and have "COLBY EMS" printed in white across the back, and bear the CER seal on the left chest. CER Duty Coats are "safety green" over black with reflective striping and have "COLBY EMS" printed in reflective material across the back, and bear the CER seal on the left chest. These coats are intended to be highly visible so that rescuers can easily be identified. CER uniforms are only worn by rescuers when they are: on duty, training, or representing CER.