A dedicated group of officers manage the day-to-day operations of Colby Emergency Response. The officers have displayed incredible responsibility, and display abilities beyond the standard of care. They are highly trained, not only in managing emergency scenes, but also in managing groups of rescuers, and in interacting with administrators and outside medical professionals. Every shift is supervised by an officer.

Chief of Service - Charlie Frank '13

The Chief of Service supervises all aspects of Colby Emergency Response. They are responsible for overseeing all rescuers, and ensuring that professional objectives are met consistently. The Chief of Service leads all major organizational changes, and serves as the primary contact for all outside agencies. A primary role of the Chief of Service is to ensure inter-agency coordination. The Chief of Service also serves as the public image of CER, and leads all public relations and information campaigns. The Chief of Service reports to the Medical Director.

Deputy Chief of Operations - Ben Hannon '13

The Deputy Chief of operations reviews and plans all protocols and operations within Colby Emergency Response. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that all national, state, and local protocols are met. They are continually looking for the newest advances in EMS care and evaluating their implementation within CER. The Deputy Chief of Operations works closely with the Deputy Chief of Personnel and Training and reports to the Chief of Service.

Deputy Chief of Personnel and Training - Callie Wade '13

The Deputy Chief of Personnel and Training works to ensure that all rescuers complete monthly continuing education units, and additional informal training as needed. They respond to the training needs of the club in a dynamic fashion to ensure that all operational objectives are met, and that all patients receive care consistent with best practices. The Training Officer also ensures that rescuers maintain their EMT, CPR, and other professional certifications. They also are tasked with recruiting new membership for CER

The Deputy Chief of Personnel and Training works closely with the Deputy Chief of Operations and reports to the Chief of Service.