About CER

Colby Emergency Response is a student run, volunteer rescue squad that serves the Colby College community. We are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week during the school year.

What Do We Do?
CER responds to medical emergencies on campus. We provide patient assessment at the EMT-Basic level, and make transport determinations based upon medical necessity. Patients are either transported to the Garrison-Foster Health Center or to to to the MaineGeneral Thayer Emergency Department. Delta Ambulance provides transportation to Thayer. For more critical calls, Delta Ambulance and Waterville Fire Rescue respond to assist CER with patient care. If the CER Rescue 1, Colby Security, and the patient agree that further evaluation is not necessary, the patient will be cleared and released.IMG_0348

How Are We Staffed?
CER operates with one, two-rescuer team for each 24-hour shift. Each team consists of a Rescue 1, who is the more senior member, and a Rescue 2. Occasionally, CER will operate with only a Rescue 1. The Rescue 1 is the crew chief and is ultimately responsible for patient care. All CER rescuers are certified in the State of Maine as EMT-Bs or higher. Rescue 1s have more experience in the EMS field and usually work with a 911 EMS service while not at Colby. 

CER is led by a group of officers including: Rescue Chief, Head of Club, and a group of officers at large.

How Do We Operate?
The State of Maine does not license college based EMS systems because they do not meet certain logistical requirements ( year-round coverage, mutual aid with surrounding communities, etc...). CER operates from protocols set forth by our overseeing medical facility, the Garrison-Foster Health Center. These protocols are similar to current Maine EMS protocols. CER operates on the Colby College Campus under the direction of the Colby Medical Director.

What Do We Offer The Community?
CER offers immediate, professional patient care in emergency situations. We ensure the health and safety of all Colby students, faculty, staff and visitors. We can offer CPR and basic first aid courses upon request. We ensure that the resources of the Garrison-Foster Health Center, Delta Ambulance, Waterville Fire Rescue, and the local Emergency Departments are utilized efficiently by members of the Colby Community.

How Are We Funded?
CER does not charge for its services. All of our members are volunteers, but officers are paid as student-workers for administrative duties. CER operates on a modest budget, appropriated by Colby College. This budget covers costs related to: equipment, supplies, uniforms, and continuing education. EMS is an ever-changing field. In order to provide our patients with the best possible care, we need to ensure that our rescuers have all of the necessary equipment to perform their duties. This equipment is always advancing, and our budget ensures that we can stay ahead of the curve.