Important Information for Varsity Athletes


NCAA 6-month Rule

Your physical exam must meet the NCAA 6-Month Rule. Athletic physicals are not provided by Garrison-Foster Health Center.  Students who have their physical exam done after March 1st will meet this requirement.


NCAA recommendation for Sickle Cell Trait screening

The NCAA recommends that ALL student-athletes confirm their Sickle Cell Trait status if that information is not already known. Under certain conditions, people with Sickle Cell Trait are at increased risk of medical complications, including sudden death. If the information obtained during your newborn screening is not available, testing should be done prior to coming to Colby. Your physician can arrange for you to have a simple blood test. Documentation of screening is located on the Physical Exam form. Students with Sickle Cell Trait are permitted to participate on Colby College Athletics teams. For more information on Sickle Cell you can visit: and click on Health and Safety.


NCAA rule on medical exceptions for banned substances, including ADD/ ADHD medications

Student athletes must comply with the NCAA rule on medical exceptions for banned substances, including medications for stimulants used to treat ADHD/ ADD and male-pattern baldness. The student athlete must have on-file at the college complete documentation.   This includes a letter signed by the prescribing physician and all pertinent physical and psychological tests related to the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. A simple letter from the physician stating the diagnosis will not suffice.


Colby Sports Medicine Annual Health Questionnaire

Each year Varsity student athletes must fill out the online Colby Sports Medicine Annual Health Questionnaire and meet with a staff Athletic Trainer for medical clearance prior to participation in any practices or team testing activities.  A staff athletic trainer will contact you via e-mail with further information.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Timothy S. Weston, M.Ed., ATC
Head Athletic Trainer, Colby College