Colby International Travel - Official Colby Business


PLEASE NOTE:  The services listed below can only be used when traveling on official Colby business.  They are not available for personal travel.  For information related to personal travel, click here.

While traveling internationally for the College on academic, research, business, or recruiting functions, employees should take advantage of the travel services provided by our contracted providers, Worldwide Assistance Services, Inc., Control Risks Group Services, and ACE USA. With the College as a policy holder, Colby travelers can find assistance worldwide with:

  • Pre-trip inoculation and other medical information 
  • Up-to-date information on risks associated with travel to almost any location on earth 
  • Medical referrals 
  • Hospitalizations 
  • Evacuations/Repatriations 
  • Legal assistance 
  • Translator services 
  • Visa and other travel document information

Prior to leaving the USA, each employee should print out a copy of the World Wide Assistance Card and keep a copy with them at all times when traveling internationally. Additionally, the employee should consult the Control Risks Group's City Brief on-line travel security information page at:  This service provides information on latest crime statistics, areas or regions to avoid, and more.  To access the City Brief web site you will need the login and password found here.

It is important for the international traveler to understand that once outside US borders, the College's CIGNA Healthcare health insurance, whether the OAPIN, OAP or HSA programs, do not apply. The traveler, if directly involved in College business at the time of an injury, does qualify under the provisions of our Workers' Compensation policy.

In addition to the benefits for Colby employees travelling on Colby related international travel provided under the  Ace Executive Assistance Program outlined above, the College has limited benefits for international and domestic Colby related travel under the Cigna Secure Travel Program.  Please click here for details and to print out the Cigna Secure Travel Card.

For more information about benefits while traveling abroad, call the Colby Human Resources office at extension 5500.