Mission Statement

The Office of Human Resources develops and coordinates employment, labor relations, compensation, occupational safety and health, and staff development programs to maximize the effectiveness of the human and financial resources available to support the mission of the College by:

Coordinating and supporting the employment, retention, evaluation, and recognition of qualified faculty and staff.

Providing information and advice to faculty, staff and retired employees in personnel matters.

Providing and coordinating personnel and legal advice to senior staff, department chairs and directors, and supervisors.

Developing and administering competitive compensation programs.

Assisting in the development of an effective communications environment between and among supervisors, faculty and staff.

Developing strategies for employment, benefits, labor, and occupational safety  and health programs and, where appropriate, compliance with federal and state laws.

Facilitating and providing personal and professional training programs.

Providing information, advice, and training to supervisors and staff to develop a safe working, living, and learning environment, and assist in developing compliance strategies for environmental and occupational safety and health laws.

Providing information and services in the areas of personal safety, facility
and property security, parking and traffic control, and fire safety.