Workplace Advisory Group

     The Workplace Advisor Program provides a neutral person who can offer confidential and informal assistance to employees  wishing  to raise and discuss work-related issues. A  Workplace Advisor will not be an advocate for an employee or the College but rather serve in an independent capacity, outside the normal lines of authority, to listen carefully, gather information, identify options to address concerns, and help individuals try to resolve issues. It will, of course, ultimately be the employee's choice as to what action to pursue to resolve the issues.

You may contact any advisor of your choosing. You are not obligated to use an advisor from your area of the College.

Workplace Advisor Contact Information
Current Workplace Advisors are:

Gerry Boutin
Gerry Boutin (g_boutin, 692-7527)
Electrician, Physical Plant Department

Frank Fekete (fafekete, x5729)
Professor, Biology Department
Arey 321

Vicki Crommett (vlcromme, x5631)
Administrative Secretary, Art Department
Bixler 103

 Jen Holsten
Jen Holsten (jholsten, x4938)
Adjunct  Associate Professor, Athletics
Alfond Athletic Center 260

Maggie Feb 2013
Maggie Libby (melibby, x5150 mornings, x5638 afternoons)
Art Department Visual Resources Curator, Bixler 107B;
Visual Resources and Manuscripts, Special Collections (Miller Library)

Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer (prmeyer, x3583)
Senior Systems Analyst, ITS
Lovejoy 101

Penny winter 2013
Penny Ruksznis
(psrukszn, x5792)
Olin Library Coordinator
Olin Science Library

jed inside col
Jed Wartman
(jwartman, x4280)
Associate Dean of Students and Director Campus Life
Cotter Union
Bonnie Williams
(bwilliam; 314-8907)
Custodian, Physical Plant Department

Contact a Workplace Advisor to...

Discuss an issue or concern in total confidence if, for whatever reason(s,) you did not wish to use any existing campus resources such as:

Your Supervisor
Office of Human Resources
Dean of Faculty's Office
Employee Assistance Program
Office of Women's Services & Equal Employment Opportunity
Harrassment Advisory Group
Health Services
Counseling Services
President, Vice Presidents, Deans & Department Heads

Concerns/issues might include:

  •  not knowing whom to contact with a question or issue
  • disagreement with a supervisor or other individual in a position of authority
  • ongoing difficulty in work relationships
  • workplace environment concerns
  • family-work conflicts

Discussions with an Advisor will be informal and off the record-no personally identifiable records will be kept except, if in the judgment of the advisor, there were threat of imminent harm to the employee or others.

Workplace Advisor Brochure (pdf)