2006 Factbook

This factbook contains many frequently requested facts and figures about the college. All information contained in this factbook will be made available to any person requesting it, inside or outside the college. However, because the manner in which some of these statistics are calculated is not always straightforward, data in some areas is to be requested through the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. The rationale for doing this is to ensure that information is communicated in as clear, consistent, and accurate a manner as possible. If this web page denies you access to any area of the factbook, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment will be happy to provide you with the data. Please contact the office by e-mail (mfreeman@colby.edu) or telephone 207.859.4692.

All tables are in the form of .pdf files to ensure consistent formattting. (If you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here)

Note to Colby Factbook Users:
To avoid misrepresenting the college, please contact IR office (x4692) before providing data to external surveys or agencies.

2006 FACTBOOK:  Public access reports

The following reports are provided for your convenience and information, but please pay special attention to definitions when using these data to compare Colby to other institutions, as there is less agreement across colleges about how best to report these kinds of information.

  • Alumni (career, graduate school, post-Colby outcomes)
  • Employees (headcount, demographic profile)
  • Faculty (fall teaching headcount, student to faculty ratio, demographic profile)
  • Financial aid (% students receiving aid, average aid amounts, average debt for borrowers)