ITS Staff by Name

Name Email Office Phone
Sean P. Boyd Lovejoy 101 859-4210
Senior Server Administrator
Erin L. Connor Miller Library 106 859-4234
Instructional Technologist
David W. Cooley Lovejoy 120 859-4211
Network Architect
Marc A. Cote Lovejoy 120 859-4229
Windows / Mac Technical Consultant
Randall H. Downer Davis Science Center 116 859-4223
Scientific Computing Administrator
Jeff A. Earickson Lovejoy 101 859-4214
Senior Server Administrator
Kenneth T. Gagnon Lovejoy 146 859-4239
Director of Media Resources
Manuel Gimond Diamond 220 859-4203
GIS & Quantitative Analysis Specialist; Research Scientist in Environmental Studies
Ian Hagelin Lovejoy 101 859-4218
Information Systems Analyst
Arleen M. King-Lovelace Lovejoy 146 859-4244
Operations and Customer Service Supervisor
Catherine L. Langlais Lovejoy 101 859-4204
Director of Administrative Information Technology Services
Paula A. Lemar Lovejoy 120 859-4206
ITS User Consultant
Keith A. McGlauflin Lovejoy 101 859-4207
Web Technology Specialist
Paul R. Meyer Lovejoy 101 859-4205
Senior Systems Analyst
Michael A. Miner Lovejoy 120 859-4222
Faculty and Staff Support Center Technician
Adam C. Nielsen Miller Library 106B 859-4217
Technology Education Specialist
Jason Parkhill Miller Library 106A 859-4213
Director of Academic Information Technology Services
Jessada S. Parsons Lovejoy 859-4201
Administrative Secretary
Raymond B. Phillips Lovejoy 118 859-4209
Assistant Professor of Biology; Director of Information Technology Services
Elizabeth Rhinelander Lovejoy 101 859-4216
Senior Systems Analyst
Daniel S. Siff Lovejoy 120 859-4219
Director of Systems and Network Operations, Visiting Instructor of Computer Science
Rurik L. Spence Lovejoy 101 859-4215
Director of Personal Computing Support Services
Qiuli Wang Lovejoy 859-4227
Instructional Media Specialist
Gloria D. Wooten Lovejoy 101 859-4208
ITS Project Support Technician
Scott E. Workman Lovejoy 101 859-4212
Assistant Director for Datacenter Operations
Brian Zemrak Lovejoy 120 859-4202
Network Administrator
Joseph E. de la Cruz Lovejoy 120 859-4222
Faculty and Staff Support Center Technician