Computer Request Coordinators 2013

Rurik Spence
Director of Personal Computer Support Services

Department Contacts - Updated 04/04/2013



 Request Coordinator



 Crommett, Vicki L.



 Roisman, Hanna M.


 East Asian Studies

 Weitz, Ankeney


 Ed/Soc/Anth/Afr/Afr-Amer Sec

 Sloat, Jim



 Clift, Johanna S.


 French and Italian

 Paliyenko, Adrianna M.


 French/German/Russ/Span Sec

 Wood, Vivian


 German and Russian

 de Sherbinin, Julie W.



 Hallstrom, Jonathan F.



 Gordon, Jill P.



 Millones, Luis


 Theater and Dance

 Ervin, John

 Interdisciplinary Study

 African American Studies

 Gilkes, Cheryl T.


 American Studies

 Berard, Sherry


 Athletics & Physical Ed

 Veilleux, Nicole A.


 Education & Human Devel

 Tappan, Mark B.


 Environmental Studies

 Cole, F. Russell


 Goldfarb Center

 Ward, Sarah P.


 International Studies

 Yoder, Jennifer A.


 Jewish Studies

 Berard, Sherry


 Oak Institute

 Franko, Patrice M.


 Science, Technology, Society

 Fleming, James R.

 Natural Sciences


 Johnson, Russell R.



 Thamattoor, Dasan M.


 Computer Science

 Maxwell, Bruce A.



 Gastaldo, Robert A.



 O'Brien, Liam


 Physics and Astronomy

 Bluhm, Robert T.


 Physics/Geology Secretary

 Ridky, Alice M.

 Social Sciences

 Admin. Science.

 Nelson, Randy



 Mills, Mary Beth



 Waldkirch, Andreas



 Ward, Sarah P.



 Berard, Sherry



 Arterberry, Martha


 Religious Studies

 Singh, Nikky K.



 Arendell, Teresa J.

 Dean Admissions/Financial Aid

 Admissions & Financial Aid

 Jones, David S.

 Dean of Faculty

 Career Services

 Woolsey, Roger W.



 Heath, Robert D.


 Lovejoy Faculty Office Secretary

 Jones, Suzanne V.


 Diamond Faculty Secretary

 Ward, Sarah P.


 Registrar's Office

 Schiller, Elizabeth N.

 Dean of Students


 Johnston, Paul E.


 Counseling Services

 Newmen, Patricia


 Dean of Students

 Johnston, Paul E.


 Health Services

 Steeves, Christina


 Campus Life

 Wartman, Jed W.

 Off-Campus Programs

 Off-Campus Study

 Downey, Nancy

 President's Office

 President's Office

 Tiner, Jacqueline J.



 Norris, Arne


 Museum of Art

 Wickman, Karen K.

 V. P. for Administration

 Acad/Admin VP's

 Sloat, Jim



 Shutt, Barbara C.


 Financial Services

 Rivera, Ruben L.


 Dining Services

 Khaksar, Firouz



 Clukey, Cora


 Eustis Service Center

 Dore, Nora I.


 Financial Services

 Jones, Scott H.


 Human Resources

 Robertson, Jane M.


 Information Technology Services

 Phillips, Raymond B.


 Institutional Research

 Wilson, William P.



 O'Donnell, Hugh


 Physical Plant

 Cheesman, Gordon E.



 Chenevert, Peter S.


 Special Programs

 Moore, Jacques R.

V.P. for Development and Alumni Relations

 Development and Alumni Relations

 Keith, Monica