Training for CommonSpot

Web-Based Instructions
Web-Based instructions are quick, online references for specific tasks within CommonSpot.
Adding a Link List to the Table of Contents (TOC)
Adding a Multiple Checkboxes Field
Adding a Selection List Field
Adding Elements to a Page
Approval Process
CommonSpot 5.0 Overview
CommonSpot Content Contributor's Guide
CommonSpot Element Samples
CommonSpot Page Sample
CommonSpot Training
Configuring the Approval Process
Course Pages
Creating A New Page
Creating a New Page (Detailed Instructions)
Creating a Simple Form
Creating a Simple Form (Detailed Instructions)
Creating a Slideshow
Creating a Template
Creating a Template (Detailed Instructions)
Creating Multiple Tabs on a Form
Creating/Defining Form Fields
CS Tools
CS Web Sites Report/Update
Example Embedded Spreadsheet
Example Simple Form
Example Simple Form Output
Form Element Sample
Form Element Sample 1
Form Element Sample 2
My Test Page Set
Page Index
Screencast Tutorial
Template Security & Inheritance
Text Blocks
Uploading a Document