Setting Up the Approval Process

To set up the approval process for the content of a subsite:

1. Go to subsite admin page, click on the + next to Content Security.
2. Click where it says “Click here to manage default permissions for pages within this subsite.”
3. Add the appropriate group or individual, by clicking where it says “Click here to add a new group (or user).”
4. In the window that pops up, highlight the group or user you wish to add.
5. Click on Add.
6. On the permissions list, check the boxes for the permissions you want to grant that user.  If you use the default (grey) column, these permissions can be changed in child subsites that may be created.  If you use the enforce (red) column, these premissions cannot be changed in child subsites.
7.  At the bottom of the column is a drop down menu for the approval process for pages within the subsite.
NOTE:  An approver group will need to be set up in CommonSpot before the approval process can be used.  Please contact Jane Robertson in ITS to set up an approver group.
8.  Click on OK.
9. To edit the permissions of a group already on the list, click the pencil by the name.
10. To delete a group from the list, click on the X next to their name.
    a. You’ll be asked if you are sure.  If you are, click OK.
    b. You’ll be asked if you want to apply this change to all pages in the subsite (click Update Pages).