CommonSpot 5.01 Overview

On June 17, 2008, we upgraded to CommonSpot 5.01, the latest version of the CommonSpot web content management software.  The upgrade includes the following enhancements:
  • A new menu bar with larger buttons replaces the three icons at the top of the page.  When you click on a button, the resulting menu will stay open until you click on an item on the list or click outside the menu.

    New Menu Bar

  • Menus are are larger and easier to read.

  • A new mode indicator makes it easy to see if you are in Read, Author or Edit mode.

    Mode Indicator

  • New "Show Tools" buttons, which allow you to easily hide and display different icons on the page to quickly display a simpler view of a page.

    Show Tools Icons

  • Element icons have been consolidated into one icon.  The new consolidated icon looks like a gear:  Edit Icon  . 

    The new element icon "floats" over the content of the element, so as not to displace the content on the page:

    Element Icon

    When changes have been made to an element, the gear icon will be replaced with a yellow icon, to indicate work in progress:

    Work in Progress

  • Icons are square, to make them easier to click. 

  • Keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commands are available for Windows users:

    Login/Logout Alt - Shift - 0
    Read Mode Alt - Shift - 1
    Author Mode Alt - Shift - 2
    Edit Mode Alt - Shift - 3
    Preview On/Off Alt - Shift - 5
    Show Container Tools Alt - Shift - 6
    Show Element Tools Alt - Shift - 7
    Show New Element Links Alt - Shift - 8
    Standard Metadata Alt - Shift - 9

  • Click on the gear icon for an element to display a short list of the most commonly selected options related to that element:

    Element Icon Expanded

    There is a More option, which you can click on to display the full list of element options:

    Element Icon with More option highlighted.

    When the full list is displayed, you can click on the Less option to collapse the list:

    Element Icon with Less option highlighted.

  • You can click on a link while in author mode, to test the link or navigate to another page for content.  Your lock on the original page will remain in place, until you go into author mode on a different page.  When you go back to the original page, you will still be in author mode.

  • Under the Properties and Actions button, Page Properties has been broken into two options: 

    - a Standard Metadata link
    Standard Metadata option

     (the first screen of the old Page Properties):

    Standard Metadata Details

     - a Custom Metadata link:

    Custom Metadata

    (the second screen of the old Page Properties):

    Custom Metadata Details

    Faculty members authoring course pages only need to go into Author mode and select the Custom Metadata option to author a course page:

    Custom Metadata Course Page

  • The Formatted Textblock element has been improved, and the Mac authoring bug fixed. 

    The new formatted textblock has  a "Property Inspector Panel" just under the text area.  This panel allows you to easily change the properties of certain objects in the textblock, such as a table, horizontal rule, images, lists, etc.:

    Property Inspector for a Horizontal Rule

    There is also an option to clean up the HTML after copying text in from a Word document (which tends to include a lot of unnecessary html tags):

    Clean HTML option 

    To clean a paste from Word:

    Clean HTML Option Expanded