Adding Elements to a Page

To add elements to a page, login in to CommonSpot on the author server and navigate to the page to which you will be adding elements.


Under the View Modes icon, click on Author mode.  Your page will now look like this:




Click where it says “Click here to insert a new element.” 


The Element Gallery will open:




Click on Expand All or the orange triangles to see the elements available to you. 


Select the element you want to add to your page and click on it.


Your page will reload and look something like this (the text in the content well will vary, depending on the element selected):




You will always need to  "Click here to define the [element  you selected].

 NOTE:  The option to add a new element is always located at the bottom of the page, and new elements are always added to the bottom of the page.

The Element Properties icon (the circle with the three lines) lists several options for moving, deleting, copying or naming an element:.




If you want to copy an element on to another page, select Copy Element.  You will get confirmation that the element has been copied.  Go to the page where you want to copy the element, click to insert a new element and at the top of the element gallery will be the words, "Paste Element".  Click on that and the element will be added to the page.


You may want to name an element, if you wish to "jump" to that element from another page or from a location on the current page.  See the instructions for using the jump option on the Creating a Hyperlink page.


Once you have defined or added content to the element  and click on Finish, the page will reload and you will see the element, with the content you added.  Next to the element icons, there will be a yellow circle, which indicates you have work in progress.  To see what the page will look like, you can go to the View Modes icon (center icon at the top of the page) and select Preview.

Publishing Your Change


Once you are satisfied with the content of your element, you will need to "publish" your changes for them to be seen on the production server.  Click on the yellow icon next to the element.  You will see this:




You may choose to submit just that element for publication, or the entire page, if you have added or made changes to multiple elements on the page and wish to publish all the changes.  You may also choose to discard the change.


When you choose to submit a change for publication, this window will open:




Enter any notes regarding your change in the comments box.  CommonSpot has a Version History feature, which allows you to select a previous version of your page.  Entering comments will be helpful when trying to distinguish between versions of a page.


Click ok.  Your page will be updated and the changes will be published.