CommonSpot Element Samples

Formatted Text Block with a Header

This element allows you to have a header over a block of text.  The text can be formatted with bold or italics.

Text can be centered,

left justified or

right justified.

  1. You can create outlines.
  • Or bullet points.

You can make some text a link.

You can make text 2 different header sizes:

header_title 1 

header_title 2.

You can also insert tables, images and horizontal rules, among other things.

There is also a formatted text block element without a header.

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Simple Text Block with Header
This is a simple text block which does not offer any options for formatting the text.  There is also a simple text block element without a header.
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Single Image (with rollover option defined)
campus scenery
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Hyperlink Bulleted List
The hyperlink bulleted list element is good to use if you have a list of links that you would like to display on your page under a heading and some introductory text.
These bullets can also have descriptive text beneath them, as well.
Because this is a link to a non-Colby site, I have chosen to have this link open in a new window.  This is a sign to the user that he or she has left Colby's web pages.
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Date/Time Element with label to the left. For example: Last Updated on 02/07/2006
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