Creating a Simple Form

To create a Simple Form:

  1. Navigate to or create the page where the form will be located.
  2. Click to insert new element.
  3. Under Miscellaneous Elements, click on Simple Form.
  4. When your page reloads, click on Click here to create/select the Simple Form.
  5. Select Create a new Simple Form and click Next.  (To add a previously created form to your page, use Select Simple Form/Custom Element, click Next and select the form from the list of Custom Forms and click on Finish.)
  6. The resulting window will prompt you for the following information:
    1. Name (this will be the name of your form)
    2. E-mail Notification Recipients (anyone who should receive the information when a form is submitted)
    3. Sender’s e-mail address (Use current address (if logged in) and/or an address to use if the sender is anonymous.)
    4. Form Action (Display a textblock on submission or submit to a different page.  You’ll need to specify each of those.  NOTE:  Any other elements that are on the page where the form is located will also appear on the page with the texblock specified here.)
  7. Click Next, your form will be created and your page will reload.
  8. Click on Click here to define the fields for this form.
  9. Click to Add a New Field or Add a Shared Field.  A Shared Field will be available to use on other forms. 
  10. Select a Type for your field.  Many field types (checkbox, radio button, select list, etc.) require you to fill out additional information on the Other Properties tab.  Field formatting options are also found on this tab.
  11. Enter a name for your field.   This will appear on the list of fields for your form.
  12. Enter a label for your field.  This will appear on your form, next to the field.  There is a 50 character limit for the label. 
  13. If you would like the field to be shared (for future use), check the Shared box.
  14. Under Required, select Yes in the drop down menu If you would like the field to be required,
  15.   In the Description box, enter any text you would like to be displayed underneath the field, such as additional instructions or examples of what should be entered in the field.  This text appears in a smaller font.
  16. Click on Create.

    *  If you would have instructions that apply to a section fields, you can add a Section Label field type before those fields.  This allows you to put additional information ABOVE a field or fields, rather than put it in a field's description area to display in smaller text below the field.
    * Add a Line Break field between two fields to make white space between them on the page.  This helps to break up a long list of fields and create sections to your form.

  17. You can Edit (the pencil icon), rearrange the order of your fields (the up or down arrows) or delete a field (the X icon).
  18. When you have added all your fields, click on Close.
  19. The page will reload with the form displayed in the content well.

For more detailed instructions on creating a form, click here.