Adding a Selection List Field

The form created during the following tutorial can be seen by clicking here.  The page will open in a new window.

To add a Multiple Checkboxes field, open the Edit Simple Form Field, either click on Click here to define the fields for this form, if it is a new form, or if you have already created some fields, click on the pencil icon and click on Edit Form Fields.


You will see this:


Click on either Add New Field or Add Shared Field.  Each time you create a field, you have the option to make it a shared field, which will make this field available for you to use on other forms.  If you click on Add Shared Field, a drop down list of available fields will be presented.

Click on Add New Field.  In the New Form Field box , under Type, choose Selection List from the drop-down menu.


Enter a field name and label, and edit the other options, if desired.

A Selection List requires you to click on the Other Properties tab and enter the checkbox values under the Option List.


CHANGE:  To display the choice horizontally, under the number of columns, enter the number of values you have defined.  If you have a large number of values, you may need to display them in more than one column, so they don't extend beyond the content well. 

CHANGE:  You may also use Default Value to make one of the checkbox values the default.

Click on Create to add the field.

The Edit Simple Form Fields dialogue box will refresh and you will see the new field listed there.



Add another field, or click close and your page will refresh, displaying any fields you have added to your form.