Creating Multiple Tabs on a Form

The form created during the following tutorial can be seen by clicking here.  The page will open in a new window.

By default, a form is created with one tab, and the name of the form will be the name on the tab. 


The name on the tab can be edited by clicking on the Edit (pencil) icon.  You will see this:


You can change the name on the tab and if you are using multiple tabs, can use a different name to sort the tabs.  Tabs will sort alphabetically or numerically.

To add additional tabs to your form, click on Add New Tab.  You will get a warning about multiple tabs and Netscape Navigator:


Click OK and you will get the following:



Enter a name and a sort name for the new tab and click Create.  The window will refresh and look like this:


Add fields, using the same process as before.  Click Close when you are finished.

The form created during this tutorial can be seen by clicking here