Form Element Sample 1

Text entered here will display underneath the field on the form. For this field, under Other Properties, I have entered a 4 in the Columns field, so that all checkboxes will display on one line.
In this Radio Button example, under Other Properties, I have entered a 1 in the Columns field. The radio button options will appear as a vertical list.
Small Text Area example

Text field example

There are three options in this list. On the Other Properties tab, I have entered a 3 in the Size field, so all three options will show on the form, instead of 1 option with a drop down scroll bar.

Please enter your first name.

Please enter your last name here.

Please enter your comments about this form. Under Other Properties, you can control the number of character allowed (255 maximum) and the number of columns and row the text area should display on the page.