Creating a Slideshow

To add a slide show to a page:

1.  In Author mode on the page where you want to put the slideshow, add a formatted textblock to the page.  Although you can pick either formatted textblock, you may want to select the one WITH a header, so you can put a title above your slideshow.

2.  When the page reloads with the textblock element on it, click to define the element. 

3.  When the textblock opens, put the title of your slideshow (if desired) in the Header section of the textblock.

4.  In the body of the textblock, click on the picture icon, to add an image to the textblock.  Either select an image from the image gallery or add a new image.

NOTE:  Any text in the Alternate Image Text (Flyover Text)   area on the image properties window will be used as a caption for your image in the slide show. 

Flyover text screenshot

5.  Continue adding images to the textblock, in the order you want them to appear in your slideshow. 

6.  When your are done adding images, click on Finish.

7.  Next, click on the Textblock Element Properties icon (the icon with the three lines) and click on Custom Renderhandlers.

8.  In the window that opens, click the radion button beside Slideshow of Images and click next.

9.  The following window will open:


You can enter the text you would like to use for the next/previous links, as well as styles for that text.  The default style is the same as this text here. 

You may enter a photostyle, if you like.  A couple options are photoborder1 (which puts a 1 pixel gray border around the image) or photoborder3 (which also puts a 1 pixel gray border around the image, but with 3 pixels of padding between the image and the border.)

You may also enter a table style, the most common being table_lorange_bord (a table with a light orange background and a 1 pixel border).  If you use a table style, you will want to enter Photo Padding, which is the amount of space (in pixels) between the border of the table and the content (images, captions, etc.).

10.  When you are ready, click on Finish.  The page will reload and your slideshow will be displayed. 

11.  If you want to change or adjust any of the settings above, you will notice a "Edit Renderhandler Metadata" icon to the right of the pencil icon.  Clicking on that will open the same window as above.

12.  When you are done, publish your changes.

You may put as many slideshows on your page as you wish.

REMEMBER:  Pictures taken at an event that is open to the public are generally all right to display on the web.  If you are taking pictures at a department, club or other semi-private event, including workshops or clinics, you should have an individual's permission to use their picture in your slideshow.