Uploading a Document

To upload a document, you must be logged into CommonSpot.  (Go to http://author.colby.edu and any subsite on which you have authoring permissions. Click on Login in the upper right corner of the window.)


  1. Click on the Page and Template Management (right hand) icon at the top of the page and select Upload a New Document.
  2. A window will open, asking you to select the destination site of the new uploaded document.  Select the desired site from the drop-down menu and click on Next.
  3. The Upload New Document window will open.  This looks very much like the dialog box which opens when you create a new page, but instead of a Name for the page, you enter a Local Filename.  In this field, enter the local full path filename of the document or there is a Browse button which allows you to navigate to the file and select it.
  4. Enter a Title for the document and a description and change any other options as appropriate.  The title you enter here will appear in and CommonSpot page galleries, but when the document is downloaded, or the cursor is moved over the link, the original document title is used.
  5. Click on Next.  The page will be uploaded.  NOTE:  Some sites may be set up to require additional information related to the page.  If that is the case, another window will open with the required fields.  Enter the data and click Finish.

The document will now be stored in CommonSpot.  If you click on the Page and Template Management (right hand) icon at the top of the page and select My Pages, you will see the document in a folder titled My Uploaded Documents.  If you click on the document in that folder, the page will be downloaded to your computer and/or opened in the corresponding application, depending on your browser settings.


Linking to an Uploaded Document


To add this document to a page, navigate to or create the page where the document will be located and add a Hyperlink Element to the page.  Link to an Existing Page and use the page gallery to locate your document and select it.  (For instructions on how to add a link to your page, click here.)


You CAN upload the document as part of the process of defining the link.  In the Edit Link dialog box, there is an option to “Link to New Uploaded File”.  When you select this option and click Next, you will be at Step 3 above.

Updating an Uploaded Document


To upload a new version of a document, go to the page where you have linked to the document.  Edit the link properties, and when the Link Action dialog box opens, there will now be an option for New Document Version near the top of the window.  Select that and click on Next. 


An upload New Document Version window will open and you can enter a path to the new version of the document, or click on Browse and navigate to where the new version is located.


Deleting an Uploaded Document


The document can be deleted by going to My Pages and checking the box to the left of the document name and clicking on the Delete Selected Pages button at the bottom of the window.


If you have linked to a document on a page and the document has been deleted, you will now have a broken link.  Users will get an error message reading “The specified document no longer exists!”.  Even if you upload the document again using the same title, the link will still be broken.  You must go back to the page and edit the link, selecting the newly uploaded document from the page gallery.