Language Resource Center

The LRC combines traditional language laboratory functions such as streaming course audio, voice recording, and foreign language television broadcasts with the attributes of a digital media lab such as digital imaging, DVD authoring, and conversion of analog materials.

Interactive Classroom

The main lab of the center has 11 Macintosh workstations and  a teaching station connected to a digital projector and presentation stand which can display computer output, video cassettes, DVDs, cable TV, laser disk and flash media. The rear lab of the center contains four multimedia workstations and various sound and picture facilities.

Faculty can reserve the lab by contacting the LRC at least one day in advance. More notice is recommended, as the room often is booked some time in advance.

Language Resources

The Center supports Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish languages plus self-directed study in additional languages. Resource pages are defined and developed in collaboration with specific language faculty and departments.

Multimedia Resources

The Center offers multimedia project support for both language and media educational projects, including a virtual listening lab and Studio - a monitoring, management and social computing environment for LRC usage.

LRC Help

The Center provides online and one-on-one support for users. In addition to a broad offering of online help with technical issues, the lab is monitored by student assistants during daytime and evening ours when the college is in session.