Wireless Networks

Wireless Network Access

Wireless network access (802.11a/b/g/n) is available in nearly all locations on the Colby campus. Access to the wireless network is available to members of the Colby community who have a valid account.  Guest access is permitted on a temporary basis.

For users in need of a wireless computer, laptops are available for loan in Miller Library, Olin Science Library, and Bixler Art and Music Library at the reference desks.  These laptops can be used anywhere in the library on the wireless network.

'Colby Access' Network

The Colby Access network provides a secure wireless network environment for Colby students, faculty and staff.  A valid account (username/password) is required to authenticate on the network.  For detailed instructions on connecting to the Colby Access network, visit the relevant ITS online support pages.

'Colby Guest Access' Network

The Colby Guest Access network is provided for use by guests and visitors to Colby.  The network provides basic Internet access for a period of twelve hours and may be bandwidth-limited during periods of high use. Users in non-residential areas must provide their name, the name of the person or department they are visiting at Colby, and a valid email address in order to connect to this network.

Wireless Networking Policies

All users of the campus wireless networks are expected to adhere to all current networking policies as well as relevant ITS policies and procedures.

Residential wireless and wired networks are under the control of the Network Access Control system, which requires authentication and system validation for connection.  Guest access is allowed with certain restrictions.

In addition to these policies, ITS reserves the right to block or ban any user who causes interference, operational problems or poses a security risk.  Personal wireless access points or any other devices that broadcast a private wireless network are not permitted in the residence halls and are not supported by ITS.  Students living in the residence halls wishing to use a wireless network must use the Colby Wireless network or a wired Ethernet port.

Wireless Expansion

The wireless network is always undergoing improvements in service and capacity.  As new areas are brought on-line or upgraded, the Colby community will be notified on these web pages as well as in ITS news bulletins.  Any questions or comments about wireless networking at Colby should be addressed to the appropriate ITS support desk.