Administration/Staff Account Eligibility

The Colby College Personnel Department determines who is a non-faculty employee of the College.  Any employee who is either in "hired" status or currently on the payroll (pay status of "monthly" or "bi-weekly") is eligible to have a computer account.

An employee's account will be closed upon the date of their termination.  If the spouse or children of the employees also have accounts under the "other" classification, these accounts will also be closed at that time.  For employees who are seasonal, their account may be left in place but disabled when not actively employed.

Departments may request the creation of "student worker" accounts, so that work-study students can access administrative systems in order to perform work for the department.  ITS seeks to minimize the creation of such accounts, due to the security risks involved.  Such accounts are created and managed similar to group accounts, and an "owner of record" is assigned to the account.  The owner of record is the person who can set or change the password for the account.  Students should never be told the password; the account owner should login for the student.  The account owner is responsible for the use (or misuse) of a student worker account.

Retired employees may keep their computer accounts, but may not have access to administrative computers.  The account status will change to "retired".