Faculty Account Eligibility

The Dean of Faculty determines who is a faculty member at Colby College.  A computer account will be created for a faculty member provided they are either in a "hired" status, or are on the Colby payroll under a current contract.

A faculty member's computer account will be closed upon termination of their contract, unless they are emeritus or prior arrangements are made with the Dean of Faculty.  The Dean of Faculty may temporarily extend the lifetime of an account to aid a faculty member's transition to another institution, or to aid students still collaborating with that person.  If the spouse or children of the faculty member also have accounts under the "other" classification, these accounts will also be closed at the termination of the contract.

Faculty members on unpaid leave who remain associated with the College may keep their computer account, with the approval of the Dean of Faculty.  An example  would be a faculty member serving in a political appointment within government.

ITS will attempt to accommodate seasonal faculty who teach on a year-to-year basis by holding their accounts open.  Year-to-year status is sometimes difficult for ITS to determine; arrangements for keeping an account open should be requested of ITS via the Dean of Faculty.

Faculty emeriti may keep their computer accounts, but may not have access to administrative computers.  Faculty emeriti accounts are reclassified to status "retired".