Group Account Eligibility

Colby organizations and clubs often want an e-mail address for their group.  The preferred method for creating an e-mail address is to use an e-mail alias instead of creating an actual group account.  An anonymous group account poses a security risk and is discouraged by ITS.

Depending on the needs of the organization, an e-mail alias may not work as well as an actual account.  If a group account is created, it must have an "owner of record" entered into the Colby database as part of the account setup.  The owner of record must be a faculty member, employee, or student of the College with a valid Colby computer account.  The owner is the person who sets the account's password, determines who can use the account, and is responsible for its use.

Group accounts are set up with minimum privileges -- e-mail access via POP only.  Webmail will not work with group accounts.  Group accounts will never be created on administrative systems.

A group account will be closed if the owner's account is closed; however ITS will make an attempt to find someone else in the organization to claim ownership of the account.  The password must be changed after a transfer of ownership.