Others Eligibility

Spouses and minor children of Colby College employees, retired faculty, and faculty emeriti may have computer accounts.  Colby gives this perquisite to employees to eliminate the temptation to share their account with family members; an act forbidden by the Colby Code of Computer Ethics.

A "spouse" is broadly defined as the monogamous human partner of the employee living in the same household.  Marriage is not a requirement, and same-sex partnerships are recognized.  Natural or legally adopted children of the employee, age 22 or younger, may have an account.  The employee is responsible for the on-line conduct of family members who have a Colby computer account.

A class "other" account will be closed if the employee's account is closed, or if the account is deemed abandoned by ITS.  If an account is not used in a six-month period then an account may be closed without warning.  An account is considered to be in use if (a) e-mail has been checked, (b) interactive logins to colby0 have occurred, (c) the account is used to access Colby's modem pool.  The "use it or loose it" rule also applies to retirees and emeriti.