Blackberry - How to Perform a Full Reset


Reset a Blackberry


This is how to reset a Blackberry from scratch. It assumes that you have already installed Desktop Manager on your Windows computer.


First, delete data from the Blackberry

            Menu > Options > Security Options > General Settings > menu "Wipe Handheld"

            Check include third party applications and select Continue

            Enter the text blackberry to confirm



If you haven't already, download the Blackberry software for the model you are going to reset. 8330uAMEA_PBr4.5.0_rel90_PL3.2.0.48_A4.5.0.66_USCC.exe in this case.


Install the Blackberry software you downloaded.


Open the Desktop Manager program


Plug in the Blackberry - enter the password if requested.


In Desktop Manager, click on Application Loader.


Click on Add / Remove Applications and click Start, if prompted, enter password and click OK.


Click the Settings button


Under Device data options Check "Delete all application data" and "Erase all currently installed applications." Click OK.


Click Next > Note warnings > then Click Finish


When complete the Blackberry will reset.


Go to PCSS Setup web page and complete setup…