Blackberry - PCSS Basic Setup

Blackberry Initial Setup Steps

These steps need to be followed when initial setup is done or after a reset or reinstallation of the Blackberry OS is performed. Depending if we are using the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) we may need to schedule time with Administrative ITS (ADIT) for their time too.

1. Turn on the Blackberry and wait for it to finish booting.

2. Turn on Wireless - menu > Manage Connectsion - turn on Mobile Network and Bluetooth if needed

3. Set Time Zone - menu > Options > Date/Time > Time Zone 

4. Set Owner name - menu > Options > Owner - enter owner name and information

Step 5 only applies if an email account hasn't been setup for a user yet. Accounts are setup for a Blackberry and you need to have the Device PIN and ESN/MEID numbers handy. The Device PIN can be found by going to menu > Options > Enterprise Activation and noting the PIN: The ESN/MEID number can be found by removing the battery and noting the number there.

5. Go and setup the user's account

    At the site, click on "Create New Account"

     Enter Device PIN and ESN/MEID number and click Continue

     Enter a username and password. For the username, use Colby username minus

     Password should be secure and the user will change it when we meet with them.

     # you'll setup email accounts with the user when you hadnoff the Blackberry.

6. Meet with ADIT to add user to BES?

7. Set password for Blackberry access.