Blackberry - How to Use as a Modem (tethered mode)

Windows Version


To use your BlackBerry as a modem, you must first install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and the Desktop Manager software must be running in the background. When these prerequisites are complete follow these steps to get your computer connected to the internet through your Blackberry.


This applies to the US Cellular BlackBerry Curve (8330) and Pearl (8130) models that Colby issued to SmartPhone users.


1. Plug your BlackBerry into your computer using the USB cable provided with your BlackBerry.


2.  Go to Control Panel > Phone & Modem Options


3. In the Modems tab, you should see a Standard Modem. Verify its operation by:


   - Click On Standard 33600 bps Modem (COM3)

   - Click on Properties, 

   - Click on Diagnostics and click on the Query Modem button

   - It should return a listing of text like the following.


            ATQ0V1E0 - OK
            AT+GMM - 8130
            AT+FCLASS=? - 0,2.0



   - Close the Modem Properties window

   - Click the Phone and Modem Options window


4. Open Control Panel > Network Connections


   - Open the New Connection Wizard

   - When the Wizard appears, click Next >

   - Click "Connect to the Internet" and click Next >

   - Click "Set up my connection manually" and click Next >

   - Click "Connect use a dial-up modem" and click Next >

   - First uncheck "All available ISDS lines multi-linked" if selected

   - Click on "Modem - Standard 33600 bps Modem (COM3) you saw in step 3

   - Click Next >

   - Enter a descriptive name "Blackberry SmartPhone as Modem" and click Next >

   - Cnter Phone number as: #777

   - Click "Create this connection for:" "My use only" and click Next >

   - Enter your phone number for your user name and password

   - Uncheck "Make this the default Internet connection" and click Next >

   - Optional - you can add a shortcut to the desktop - click Finish


5. Test your connection


   - immediately after you create the connection, it will bring up the "Connect Blackberry SmartPhone as Modem" connection window,

   - disconnect any other connection (wired or wireless)

   - click Dial button, it will prompt for you Blackberry password, enter it and click OK

   - verify that the connection is established and that you can browse the web, get e-mail etc.