Connecting to Colby Access on Windows XP with Intel PROSet

for Microsoft Windows XP computers using Intel PROSet Wireless software
These instructions are written for Microsoft Windows XP computers with an Intel PROSet Wireless card (centrino or other) that have the Intel PROSet software utility installed (this is the default for standard Colby issued computers).  If you do not currently use Intel PROSet software to manage your wireless connection, follow the instructions for standard Windows XP systems here.

In order to connect through the 'Colby Access' network, Windows XP must be used to configure and control your computer's wireless connection.  Follow the instructions below to disengage the Intel PROSet Wireless configuration and then use the Windows XP instructions for connecting to the 'Colby Access' network.

1.  Open the Intel PROSet wireless utility program (Start Menu -> Programs -> Intel PROSet Wireless) or click on the intelicon icon in the Windows icon bar (bottom-right corner of the screen)

2.  From the menus at the top of the Intel PROSet wireless program, select 'Advanced' and then select 'Use Windows to Manage WiFi' as shown below:

xp proset

3.  Once this is complete, the Intel PROSet wireless window should change to the following:


4.  You can now proceed to configuring the connection using Windows XP.  The instructions for doing that can be found here.

If you experience problems, Faculty and Staff may contact the Support Center at or ext. 4222 and Students may contact Student Computer Services at or ext. 4224.