Colby Email Powered by Google Apps

Status: June 21 at 9:46 a.m.  The Colby Apps Powered by Google email migration has completed.

This page contains links to help you send and receive e-mail using the new Colby Apps e-mail system.

Colby ITS is moving e-mail to Colby Apps Powered by Google.

For information about this move, please Click Here...

Set up your account with Colby Applications Powered by Google

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If you use Colby Webmail exclusively, no other steps are required. To see the differences between the old Colby Webmail (Mirapoint) system and Colby Apps Webmail, Click here...

To check your webmail, go to

E-clients and Devices

If you're using an email client or a Colby-supplied Blackberry, select the link below that matches your setup.

• Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Windows)

• Microsoft Entourage (Macintosh)

• Eudora (Windows)

• Eudora (Macintosh)

• Blackberry (Colby-supplied)

• Other clients or devices.

If you have problems check our Troubleshooting Page


Faculty and staff can contact the Faculty Staff Support Center at 207-859-4222 or email, and students can contact Student Computer Services at 207-859-4224 or e-mail